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Love Is The Answer - Album
The Awakening

One World (R)evolution is writing and recording their 3rd studio album titled The Awakening. Not only is the band taking a heavier direction musically, but the album is a concept album that will include a visual aspect. Each song's music video will be a segment in a full length movie feature that will accompany the album, and singer/founder Astrum Lux Lucis is writing a book that details the story behind the album.

 The Awakening will follow the hero’s journey of Astrum through her early years as the angst ridden teen addicted to drugs and suffering with depression, to the modern day Peaceful Warrior she’s become through her many existential crises, dark nights of the soul, and internal development training with various teachers in the personal development world.

 The album will consist of 3 acts, 4 songs in each act. Song I of Act I, I NeeD Out is the kick in the face opener full of all the teenage angst one can muster. Warner Brothers producer, co-writer, and guitar player, Alex Campbell, brings the angst full throttle with his detuned dark heavy progressive guitar stylings. The lyric video for I NeeD Out was released in August of 2020 and can be seen on the band’s YouTube Channel.

 "I’m very excited about this album and the way the songs are turning out.” boasts Astrum. “Alex is a brilliant producer, composer, and musician, and our collaboration couldn’t be a more perfect partnership. I’m excited to share my story through song because songs can be so transformative. Music is one of the only constants I had growing up that brought me peace. Music was like the best friend I never had because we moved so much when I was a kid. I’m hoping my music can be that best friend for others, and my story can transform the lives of other people suffering with addiction and depression.”

# November 2020 #


2021 - One World (R)evolution - "Save Me" single (AstraLux Records)
2020 – One World (R)evolution – “I Need Out” single (AstraLux Records)
2017 – One World (R)evolution – “Love Is The Answer” (AstraLux Records)
2015 – One World (R)evolution – “It’s Christmas Time” single (AstraLux Records)
2013 – One World (R)evolution – “I’m Changing” single (Music World Music/INgrooves)
2013 – One World (R)evolution – “SXSW 2013 Demos” (AstraLux Records)
2013 – Aerosmith Tribute Album “Livin’ On The Edge” (Versaille Records) – contributed 1 track
2010 – One World (R)evolution – “Transitions” (Music World Music/INgrooves)

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