The Awakening

Life is a never ending journey, and depending on which path you choose, it can be quite the wild ride. For their 3rd studio album, One World (R)evolution is writing a concept album based on The Hero’s Journey titled, “The Awakening”. “The Awakening” will follow singer/songwriter Astrum Lux Lucis’ own personal journey of transformation over the last 40 years.

Dubbing herself a “personal development junkie”, she’s no stranger to existential crisis and Dark Nights of the Soul. Overcoming drug addiction and depression along her journey, she’s emerged a Peaceful Warrior who’s passionate about inspiring, uplifting, and empowering people to become the greatest version of themselves.

“I Need Out”, Song I of Act I, begins with a young Astrum deep in the throws of her 1st existential crisis. Always feeling like an outsider and outcast, the angst ridden teen takes us into the world of mediocrity and inauthenticity that plagued her younger years. “I Need Out” is scheduled to drop May 22nd with a lyric video in tow. A limited edition version is currently being offered to Patreon Members through May 21st.

Astrum and producer/guitar player, Alex Campbell, are the main collaborators behind the album’s fruition. What started off as a plan to simply release a new song every quarter morphed into an epic concept album that would include a visual aspect, making each song’s music video acting represent an episode in a video series that will span the length of the 12-song album.

# May 2020 #


2020 – One World (R)evolution – “I Need Out” single (AstraLux Records)
2017 – One World (R)evolution – “Love Is The Answer” (AstraLux Records)
2015 – One World (R)evolution – “It’s Christmas Time” single (AstraLux Records)
2013 – One World (R)evolution – “I’m Changing” single (Music World Music/INgrooves)
2013 – One World (R)evolution – “SXSW 2013 Demos” (AstraLux Records)
2013 – Aerosmith Tribute Album “Livin’ On The Edge” (Versaille Records) – contributed 1 track
2010 – One World (R)evolution – “Transitions” (Music World Music/INgrooves)